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 Selling My Account...

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Selling My Account... Empty
PostSubject: Selling My Account...   Selling My Account... Icon_minitimeFri Sep 25, 2009 12:33 am

Hi everyone,

Well, as many of you noticed, i havent been playing for the past 2 weeks at least, maybe even 3... not sure anymore...
The reason why is that I am very busy, when DF was still new it was exciting and i was able to find the "strenght" to play after work until very late ( or very early in the morning ), but i cant continue doing that. It was affecting me too much, i need sleep Smile

My problem is that when i play MMOs i cant just play for 1 hour... i always say that I will but then i dont see the time pass and before you know it the birds are starting to sing outside and the sun is rising... yeah it sucks.

Anyhow, so i think i will sell my account if it is worth anything interesting...
I dont have my character stats right now, but I do have a large villa deed in bank.

Basically i'd just like to know how easy is it to sell an account, are there risks? what is the best way to do it and where/how etc and so on, i have never sold any account of any game before...

I just thought i'd post here first maybe someone here would be interested first, i doubt it but anyhow... i still could use advices
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Selling My Account...
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