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PostSubject: RhysSebastian New Private   RhysSebastian New Private Icon_minitimeSun Sep 13, 2009 8:49 pm

I was just promoted to Private! Wewt! That being said, I can't have my precise name because I made the account and sent it to the wrong email addy.

My goal for the guild: To be the MASTER of support magic, with the occasional AOE dmg spell. Wink

Specialities: In all games, I have been great at scouting enemy territory and telling when to strike. When we were attacking Solgrom I felt that the mess could of been avoided if I had my headset (which I do now) I managed to see a great deal of individuals inside the hamlet before you all charged.

We eventually got the hamlet, but I feel it could of been better. Specially with PVP groups getting larger every night.

What I need to best serve the guild: Quite honestly I need to hunt BKs some more. I'm hurting for gold bad, and Alber is not really close to easy hunting spawn. It's dangerous for an Alfar in human lands, sure Harsher Conditions create a better breed, but im starving here folks.

So far in one week:
82 Lesser Magic
30 Greater Magic
35 Great Sword
37 Archer

working on farming skills as I do.

Any suggestions for money making/armor weapon making let me know.

My First Usefulness in a Siege: Yeah I botched when Grief attacked by chasing the wrong people, but I managed to distract the shit out of two of their mages for a good 3 minutes. The lesson learned is that every little man counts, but the smaller you are the farther upfront you should be. I am less valuable than say Darkfall or Iam, because they actually can bring a hurtin to em. If they are distracted to me, they arent hurting the people killing them. :3 always a plus
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RhysSebastian New Private
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