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 Recommended GUI/Hotbar Setup + Key Binding, Post Here ! ( Screenshots? )

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PostSubject: Recommended GUI/Hotbar Setup + Key Binding, Post Here ! ( Screenshots? )   Sat Aug 15, 2009 11:50 am

Hey everyone,
As im starting to do more and more pvp i realize that optimizing the GUI and key binding is very important.

Yesterday before going to bed i spent 45min trying to change my key binding and organize my hotbar, i thought i had a pretty good thing going on so i pressed the "screenshot" button which by default in the game is ALT-S but i can see this morning that it did not work, i wanted to post it here to get some critique and compare with what everyone else has, however for some reason the /gui_persist_save command did not work either so i cant take a screenshot this morning either...

Anyhow, it would be great if everyone would post their customizations so we can all comment and share thoughts, especially for people like me who dont have much experience yet in pvp.

Ill post my setup as soon as i get to redo it with my key bindings aswell !

PS : does anyone know how to bind the mouse scrollwheel tilt left/right keys ??
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Recommended GUI/Hotbar Setup + Key Binding, Post Here ! ( Screenshots? )
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