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 Did that hacker trash Cannibal Corpse get banned yet?

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PostSubject: Did that hacker trash Cannibal Corpse get banned yet?   Tue Apr 27, 2010 12:25 pm

This is Turd Burglar, maybe you remember when this guy was bragging about getting 65k off my alt hidden inside the terrain of a building. I suspected him of being a hacker then but when it happened again in a different spot, i knew for certain that this POS needs 3rd party programs to handle playing DF. He actually gave me the excuse that he just so happened to have logged in, inside the rock that my alt was inside of. Now I know putting an alt inside terrain is illegal but its nothing compared to using damncheaters wall/radar hacks and such.

I was just curious if he got banned in this last ban wave.

cannibal, you are a piece of shit for using hacks in DF. you ruin the game for other people because you can't handle playing by the rules. you should find an easier game where you don't feel the need to get hacks for extreme advantages like a piece of shit would do. Hackers are the types of douchebags who fuck a blow up doll and tell their friends they got laid.
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Did that hacker trash Cannibal Corpse get banned yet?
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